COACHING for Individuals & Couples

Swimming with Shark

This adventurous, creative, playful, healing and self-empowering coaching invites a positively supportive and liberating journey with the added comfort of privacy, discretion and confidentiality..


Adventurous coaching gives you the freedom to:

  • Collaboratively create YOUR coaching journey

  • Heighten your erotic connection with yourself

  • Heighten your erotic connection with your partner

  • Confidently enable your erotic expression to emerge

  • Amplify your sensual and sexual knowledge

  • Cultivate your sensual and sexual wisdom

  • Command and embed the adventurous philosophy

  • Enlighten yourself with a conscious adventurous language upgrade

  • Cultivate the art of negotiating by creative collaborative design

  • Learn how your desires play out in different configurations

  • Dialogue openly on your conceptions of adventurous play

  • Breathe life and light into your dark pleasures

  • Exchange upon your desired future experiences

  • Mind meld with a proficiently creative super-sensualist

  • Share your past, present and future erotic expression of self

  • Gain discernment, comfort and confidence with self

  • Explore and embrace the unconditional receiving role

  • Explore and embrace the unconditional giving role

  • Dive deep into the protocol of the power exchange

  • Be open to wondrous magical mayhem and curious body delights

Who seeks adventurous coaching?

Those looking to:

  • tap into their adventurous creative and playful side to expand their bedroom repertoire; 

  • enhance their level of intimacy;

  • connect or re-connect with themselves and their partner(s) and others;

  • seek knowledge, skills, and techniques;

  • balance their masculine and feminine creative life force;

  • seek a more fulfilling life! 

My coaching intention is to AWAKEN and CONNECT to your TRUE SELF!


In collaboration we will ENLIGHTEN and EMPOWER your CONFIDENCE. Transform and RE-CONNECT or CONNECT to your true self-expression, desires, needs, and pleasures.


Discover, explore and be creative with presence, passion, curiosity and wonder.  To exponentially enhance, cultivate and nurture the adventurous empowered playful loving YOU on your terms by your design.