Sunset over Poppy Field

Working with Viktoria has been a pleasure from the first day we sat down together. Seemingly without effort, she immediately created an atmosphere of welcoming, safety and trust. I felt like I had known her for years, even though we’d only just met. I quickly felt at home and comfortable talking about my deepest shame, which was one of the 2 main reasons I wanted to connect with her. I felt seen and understood and never judged.

Viktoria is a powerful observer and she has professional level listening skills. She is intuitive and very much a master of her self and her world. Viktoria is also fun, playful and patient. I’m happy to now consider her a good friend.

Viktoria will not baby you. If you want to learn something from her, all you need do is ask. By being open and honest in our sessions, I have learned a great deal about myself. I’ve learned about who I was, who I am now and who I can be if I choose. Viktoria walked by my side along the path I asked for. She pushed me in ways I wasn’t expecting and I loved it. I've learned more about the kink realm in a few hours with Viktoria, than I'd learned in my entire life up to that point.

Viktoria is a strong woman with many skills and deep knowledge of human behaviour. She is warm and very accessible. She has great integrity and is an excellent ally. If you cross paths with Viktoria, consider it a blessing and take the opportunity to learn and grow with her. ~ Jonathan

Hi Viktoria,

Thank you for leading us in discussion and opening us to new ideas for exploration in intimacy.

As far as feedback, loved that you attended to all participants, drawing them in with questions and supporting their responses.

Also appreciated that you did not "overschedule" with content, allowing plenty of time for questions and answers.

Would love to participate in experiential components in future workshops since some of us learn best by seeing and doing, especially in intimacy.

Keep us in the loop for future opportunities.

~ Edwin & Dara

Just wanted to say thank you so so much for yesterdays compassionate communication!! I feel not only did it help me understand and untangle the knots in my own head but it also helped my partner and myself understand each other better, leave alone of course the changes and benefits that this would bring in our lives going forward!!!


Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wonderful energy and knowledge the way that you do and the safe space that you create each week for us to be comfortable and be able to explore and discover ourselves and each other!
Sending you so much love and positive energy. ~ Maureen

I'm from Toronto. I met Viktoria in 2012 and have been weaving tantra into my daily life ever since. I have attended many of her workshops on tantra, intimacy and relationships. She lives what she teaches, which is what I value highly. She has a way of allowing me to be curious. Even when inside, I want to run away. ~ Clive

Viktoria has an incredible energy and ability to really see you for who you are and what you might need. Working with her for eight weeks after the birth of my daughter was pivotal to me coming back to my body and into my relationship in a new and healthier way.


Exploring myself and my intimacy with curiosity, and learning to work with my own energy and power really helped open me up to true connection. I thought that I had left my sexual prime behind me, but now I know that this big change in my life was the beginning of a new, brighter chapter. Investing in myself through this work made a huge difference in my life and will continue to do so for years to come.  ~ Amanda

“I wanted to thank you so much for the experience.  We had an amazing session and continued the adventure back at home.  I learned some new techniques and my partner did learn the rewards of surrendering to me.  It really re-enforces how healthy and great our relationship is. 


We continue to connect on so many levels.  Not bad for two 50 year olds.  We have proven that age is only a state of mind.  Thank you so very much for being a great teacher and play collaborator. Keep Smiling.” ~ Elena & Kos

“We celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary with the “Passionate” adventurous coaching session. It was an incredibly sensual learning experience for both of us. We now have more clarity about our desires, know how to communicate these ideas with each other and also how to safely explore these desires to the fullest. We had such an amazing experience that we have now incorporated this, especially the ritualistic aspect of it, to our life. We feel it is a great way to connect with each other after being apart. ” ~ Zunshi & Chris

“I wanted to send you a quick note of reflection from our last session.  My apologies for the delay as the session was different for me – I needed some time to reflect.


First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with me once again prior to the session and work in collaboration to build out our time together.  I very much appreciate you taking the time to be both an active participant and an active listener in collaboration.


The enhanced sensory experience was spectacular and I couldn’t have expected a better result – It added so much to the session by taking so much away!  The temperature play was very interesting for me.  I really enjoyed it.  For me, this addition really kept me guessing and I truly didn’t know what was going to happen next.  Finally, your rope work was spectacular – so different from what I’m used to.


This session certainly built upon our first meeting and I felt like I was visiting a guide that was there to take me on a journey inside myself towards great awareness and understanding of my adventurous side.  I believe this is the benefit of familiarity with you and how you execute your practice.  From the moment you opened the door until it was time to leave, I felt safe and able to truly submit to your experience, your plan, and your lead.


Once again, I walked away with a sense of clarity and focus that carries me forward to greater heights!”~ Kal

“I am still savouring, with some astonishment, a warm heart and perked nerve endings, the couples session we shared with you. So delicious and joyful! One thing: at the very end of the session, I felt a wave of cracked-openness, a good feeling that also left me open to experiencing some mourning of old sorrows.  


You noticed right away and were really there for me. You spoke in a very clear way to my partner that I needed him to be there for me Right Then, and he responded immediately. Your two presences right then made me feel very lovingly accompanied and cared for. This was a beautiful initiation, a rewriting of an old story that no longer serves, and an enticing new beginning.” ~ Simone

“My adventurous coaching experience was a feast for the senses! My quest entailed the sought after power exchange, tantric practices, and elements of impact play. The atmosphere to dive deeper was warm and decadent with other worldly calming music blocked out the outside world. No need for meditation, I felt fully present and totally aware. Just wow!” ~ Pascal

If you are curious about Dominance and submission or wonder if you have a kinky side, I encourage you explore! I loved the experience. She will expertly take you where you have never been before. A place your curiosity wants to go!  Sensuous, exotic pleasure and provocative sensation experiences, a tailored coaching journey within the boundaries of your comfort level.  ~ Madeleine

Very much enjoyed attending your class tonight. We are charmed by the spirituality you bring to the play. It adds an additional layer to the adventurous experience. We appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. – MsZ & devoted

“I have returned home from Toronto with the best souvenir, my adventurous coaching experience.  This is something that will stay with me for a very long time and I will be able to incorporate into my love life.  The amazing adventure began as soon as you arrive.  She makes an immediate physical and emotional connection through eye contact and a gentle but solid touch.  I was very excited, yet, strangely at ease with her.   I liken the whole experience to a roller coaster ride.  There are calm moments of the most gentle sensuous to which are followed by exciting strong stimulating sensations that you cannot anticipate, as you are blindfolded and bound. You know you are helpless, but, feel safe. The excitement and relaxation roller coaster leaves one spent but wonderfully calm after 2 incredibly short hours. Thank you.” ~ Ted

“My Esteemed Lady, My partner and I are basking in the excitement, goodness, learning and healing of our work with you last week. My partner especially has some additional sharing for you, and will write separately. In my heart and loins I am feeling less of the lifelong fear of women in positions of power, and ready to take to the table to surrender to the feminine power of energetic sustenance and transformation.” ~ Anticipantingly Alan

Over the years, we have used common items in our play. I sometimes shared with others what I thought was being creative. Often it was not a shared opinion. Last night I felt accepted, was able to talk freely and shared ideas on using these common items for pleasure. Thank you for that experience and re-assurance. – G and s