Adult playtime was never this much FUN!

Resonating the adventurous philosophy: mindfully aware and always within the boundaries of your safety, consent and comfort levels with respect, honour and trust with self first and then with others.


Different adventurous topics are presented including areas of relationships, connection, sensuality, sexuality, psychology, and energy.

Who is this for? 

Open to seekers of knowledge and empowerment, solo, pairs(couples), friends, all orientations, genders, lifestyles, those of you who are label free and those of you who have yet to make up your minds, Welcome and be Celebrated!


How do I learn? 

Adventurous playshops are about Knowledge, Wisdom, Expansion and Evolution of self.  Awakening the curious explorer within you. If your quest is about learning and expanding your knowledge and wisdom for yourself these playshops are perfect for yourself and or with your partner.

The group workshops are a clothes-on format presented through scientific theory, anatomy, ancient wisdom and years of experience. Covering skills, techniques and tips. Reference material such as video clips or handouts or reference books. Self-inquiry, self-reflection, Q & A., and suggested homework.

Each workshop offers a different tantalizing topic and opportunity to play and connect with yourself, and or partner and or fellow workshop attendees and life. 

How do I experience the workshop? 

You experience the workshop with mindful awareness and always within your boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort levels with respect, honour and trust with YOURSELF first and then reciprocally with others.

Important Note: Workshop environments are Fragrance Free Zones. This means no colognes or perfumes, please.  Exception; essential Oils dabs are welcome. ~ Thank you .


Book your private/group workshop 
OR Choose a custom built  empowering educational program.

  • Created collaboratively from the topics you choose below.

  • Topics that you are curious and wonder about.

  • Topics that excite and intrigue you with adventurous anticipation.

  • Topics that will challenge you to transform to a higher state of being

Shown below  in alphabetical order. 

  •  Adventurous Kinky Play 101

  • Anatomy of Arousal for the Male Body

  • Anatomy of Arousal for the Female Body

  • Bondassage: Bondage Meets Massage

  • Bound with Love: Rope & Energy Play

  • Body Lix: The Art of Flogging

  • Costumes to Play the Part

  • Dirty Talk vs Pillow Talk

  • Dominant vs Submissive Polarity

  • Dominant vs Top Training 

  • Energy Movement and Circuits

  • Erotic Kink Style: Sensual, Sexual & Energy

  • Fantasy Creation: Once Upon a Time

  • Fire & Ice: Wax, Fire and Cool Sensations

  • Fountain of the Goddess: Female Ejaculation

  • Hair Pulling the Right Way

  • Intimacy Style & Love Languages Revealed

  • Masculine vs Feminine Polarity

  • Massage of an Energetic Kind

  • Massage of a Kinky Kind

  • Massage of a Sensual Kind

  • Massage of a Sexual Kind

  • Massage of a Tantric Kind

  • Massage of a Yoni OR Lingam Kind

  • Multi Orgasmic Modern Man

  • Multi Orgasmic Modern Woman

  • Oral Fascination for Men or Women

  • Pain and Pleasure Endorphins

  • Passion & Desire: Erotic Tension

  • Percussion Rythm & Pace with Impact Play

  • Pervertibles: Your Everyday Pleasure Tools

  • Power Dynamics: Power Exchange

  • Protocol, Service, Worship & Ritual

  • Role Play: Villains, Vixens & Vamps

  • Sacred Kiss of Fire: Fire Play for Healing

  • Seducation by Voice: Build Anticipation

  • Spanking the Right Way

  • Strap On Play Etiquette

  • Submissive vs Bottom Training

  • Tactical Tactile Titillation​ Sensation Play

  • Tantra: Weaving Mind, Body & Energy

  • Tantra Orgasms for Men

  • Tantra Orgasms for Women

  • Trauma Triggers and First Aid

  • Violet Wand: Science Centre Static

Dare to be adventurous with your empowering education.

Thanks for the Body LIx workshop. I really enjoyed it, observing and participating. I didn’t think I’d care for flogging and came a bit reluctantly, thinking I would at least confirm it is not for me. But watching you with a flogger is like watching you in your element! It is amazing how much of your inner enjoyment shines through in your eyes and smile and even your stance and movement when you are playing with it. Amazing! I hope I get to see it again soon. -Happy happy Joy joy