Lady Viktoria

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Holistic Intimacy Specialist


Private Coaching

(Supportive Learning & Guidance)

via Online, Telephone or In-Person.
for Singles, Couples & small Groups

All are Welcome and Celebrated!


I look forward to creatively

collaborating your journey.

A pleasure to meet you via cybler space!  My name is Viktoria ... a.k.a. Lady Viktoria.. I am the the founder of the Academy of Adventurous Learning, Toronto, Canada. My title also extends out to being an Adventurous play & self-empowerment coach, sacred Tantra teacher and holistic intimacy & relationship specialist..


I have a passion for creative adventurous learning and transformational self-empowerment through education and coaching. Working with men, women and couples who are looking to release past negative experiences, who are curious, adventurous and those seeking enlightenment to deepen their love and connection with passion and playfulness.


By piercing through the veil of human illusion;  limiting beliefs, negative tendencies /conditioning and trauma.. Devoted to creating conscious connection, transformation and empowerment from within with yourself and or with your partner. 

Offering you Intuitive support and guidance to create the right conditions for a personal self-empowerment journey. The holding of sacred space. Allowing yourself to receive or give unconditionally. Get comfortable with your power, desires, vulnerability, and playfulness. Feel liberated within your own skin. Connect to your hidden confidence, budding curiosity, the yearning for self expression by your design.

For 15 + years my work has been greatly fulfilling with feminine and masculine form persons and lovers(couples) to claim or reclaim, or better yet, to embrace and celebrate themselves authentically with passion and joy!


Keeping, within the philosophy of reciprocal respect, confidentiality and always within the boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort levels, personally, professionally and mutually with my students and clients.

Journey through guided self-exploration and self-inquiry with empowering experiential intensives, programs, workshops, holistic chi kung reflexology massage, mentoring, and coaching.


Adventurous Play & Creative Connection

Creating Passionate Playful Conscious Connection Within YOU

Live, Love & Laugh authentically and get the vibrant healthy intimacy you desire.

Toronto based and by invitation will travel.

Available for:

  • Coaching

  • Consultation

  • Training

  • Presentations

  • Classes | Workshops | Playshops 

  • Bondassage ®

    • Session for Solo/Pairs

    • Learning/Training for Solo/Pairs

  • Holistic Chi Kung Massage

    • Session for Solo/Pairs

    • Learning/Training for Solo/Pairs

  • Tantra: Tibetan, Classical, Taoist & Neo Paths

    • Tailored Tantra Journey for Solo/Pairs

  • Guided Sacred Transformational Journey

Academic journey

Additional paths of study

  • Hatha & Laya Restorative & Healing Yoga RYT20o

  • T.R.E.® (Tension & Trauma Release Exercise) StudentT

  • Reiki Level I & II Practitioner

  • Tantra Practitioner & Teacher

  • Soma Love Elemental Bodyworkⓒ Practiioner/Trainer

  • Breathwork Practitioner

  • Holistic Chi Kung (De-Armouring) massage  practitioner/Instructor

  • Bondassage® & Elysium® Practitioner/Trainer

  • Lifespace Transformational Counselling

  • Life Coaching: Certified Coaches Federation (CCF)

  • Discovery Method of Teaching in Sex & Sexuality

  • Sex Therapy Intensive Certificate, U of Guelph

  • Human Relations Major, Psychology Minor, Concordia U

  • Understanding Adolescent Sexuality-Teaching Sex Ed

  • Sexual Attitudes Reassessment Certificate