BONDASSAGE® is for Bondage, Orgasmalicious, Nourishment, Decadent, Altered State, Sublime, Surrender, Anticipation, Grounding, and Euphoria 

Everyone has a curiosity and wonder regarding the adventurous side of themselves. A time and space where they can discover and explore what brings out their authentic erotic expression. To bring out their confidence in their everyday life in a healthy, loving and vibrant way.


Bondassage® and Elysium® is sensual indulgence appropriate for those that are curious, tantalized and aroused by the opportunity for uninhibited sensory abandon.

Awaken your senses. Relinquish all inhibitions and preconceived notions. Allow yourself to be taken to your edge of sublime sensual surrender.  Each touch and sensation will take you further into your body. You will experience blissful relaxation and extreme exhilaration. 

The Bondassage® and Elysium® session is an intensely exotic experience. Using a combination of sensual massage techniques, breath and energy work, body percussion, and a variety of luxuriously exquisite sensation play. You will be transported to an exciting new world of pleasure.

Gain the benefits of being confident with yourself and or with your partner. Bringing about deeper connection, and balance. Creative vibrant flow in your erotic expression and heightened intimacy.

Welcome… it’s a pleasure to meet you. I don’t bite, with a twinkle of the eyes,  unless you ask me nicely.

Born with the essence of creativity flowing in my veins. A passion for teaching and empowering people. I am your adventurous guide and host within this transformational realm. A swirling energy of calm awareness, intuitive mischief and brash dominant sensuality. Also, known as a super-sensualist, temple priestess, Amazon warrior and science geek.


Intuitive to your desires with an edge of playfulness. Allowing you to be held in a time and space where you can dive deep into your body, engage in power dynamics of the mind and connect to a sacred intimacy of hidden confidence, budding curiosity, and the yearning for self expression by collaborative design.

All experienced through workshops, immersive learning programs and training sessions. A transformational journey.


I enjoy working with all forms of beautiful beings, whether solo, pairs/couples and groups. All are welcome and celebrated!

Open to the possibilities of being adventurous and learn from 
Viktoria, Certified Bondassage® and Elysium® Trainer

your amazing Provocateur, Catalyst and Confidante.

Learn more about Bondassage with this article: All About Bondassage


For Individuals


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For Couples

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For Couples:
In-Depth Bondassage Learning & Skills Building


Everyone has a curiosity and wonder regarding the adventurous side of themselves. A time and space where they can discover and explore what brings out their authentic empowered erotic expression. Boosting their confidence in everyday life in a healthy, loving and vibrant way.

Your hands-on training journey is guided by an intimacy specialist and relationship coach with intuitive and mindful awareness. You will travel this learning through ancient wisdom, modern knowledge, skills and techniques, practice exercises of unconditional receiving or giving. Exercising your mind, body and heart. Your confidence grows with guided self-exploration, self-inquiry, and self-reflection. Become the confident and empowered erotic lover you desire.

Gain the benefits of being true and confident with yourself and or with your partner can bring about deeper connection, balance, creative vibrant flow in your erotic expression and intimacy. Become a proficient Bondassage® Lover.

My training immersive program helps men, women and couples explore their adventurous curiosity and wonder of themselves. To know how to create a time and space to authentically express their erotic self. To integrate this depth of confidence that can ripple through towards a healthy vibrant loving intimacy with themselves, their lover and life. 

Choose from 1day or 2day or more Lovers Immersive Hands-On Learning experience. Crafted in a personalized private instruction. Intuitive support and mindfully aware guidance will be in place to create the sacred space for the blossoming of the techn-icolor and surround sounds of sensory sensations and creativity designed to enrich your “passion” on your terms by your design.


  • Bondassage Book: Kinky Erotic Massage Tips for Lovers by J.Bennis and E.Minax

  • Mindfold Blindfold

  • Sexy Sensual Music Compilations

  • Sensation Toy kit

  • Organic Massage Oil

  • Online Access to Couples Video Resources

  • 60min Follow-Up Telephone/Skype/In-Person

  • Light Refreshments and Snacks

Take Your Boudoir Skill Set to a Higher Level of Intimacy

Bondassage® Lovers Exploration Half-Day

One partner will have the opportunity to play the role of dominant and the other submissive. You decide or we assess it together. Learn to read your partner’s responses and communicate clearly your desires.

$1000 / 4hrs

Bondassage® Lovers Exploration 1-Day

Both partners will have the opportunity to play the role of dominant and submissive. You decide who goes first in what role or we assess it together.

$2000 / 8hrs

Bondassage® Lovers Immersive 2-Day

Both partners will have the opportunity to play both roles of dominant and submissive and decide which one is more comfortable to go deeper in their chosen/comfortable role and hone your skills and techniques.

$3000 / 12hrs

Bondassage® Lovers Immersive Journey 3-Day

A tailored kinky/bdsm power exchange journey where both partners will remain in their respective roles for a period deemed by all parties to take place within a 30 day period based on a manifesto agreement.

$4000 / 24hrs

Bondassage® Lovers Upgrades - 4hrs


Upgrading, building upon and expanding your knowledge, skills, techniques and magical connection

$800 / 4hrs

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Bondassage Kit

For Professionals - Certification


Certification Bondassage® and Elysium® Training for PROFESSIONALS

Become a magically proficient “super sensual” Bondassage® and Elysium® practitioner. Create a new business, or enhance your current one!


Your training is designed to be comprehensive and tailored to your unique skill sets, style and talents. Learn to create the outrageously unique Bondassage® and Elysium® experience for your clients.

Your training will give you the skills you need to create the outrageously unique Bondassage® Experience. You’ll learn how to access your inner Dominant, create safe and comfortable bondage, and skillfully delight those you touch with sensually innovative play, tantalizing energy movement massage techniques, and luxurious body sensations.

Your personalized comprehensive instruction includes learning on a variety of models.

Your training includes

  • a 43-page manual

  • certificate

  • banners for your website

  • marketing and advertising

  • specially selected music

  • three months free advertising on the Bondassage website

  • access to our private resource website

  • private 60min coaching with Jaeleen Bennis,

  • and global community support.

  • your weekend accommodation (Fri/Sat)


$4,400 CAD Certified Training Investment

Plus $300 USD Branding Fee (trademarked registered in the US) OR

Plus $400 USD Branding Fee for both modalities (Bondassage & Elysium)

50% deposit and 50% balance first day of training

Payment Plan options are available, please inquire.

Payment method is also available by credit card for V/MC.

Please Note: Deposits are non-refundable. Credit will be applied to a future training.

Please Note: Bondassage and Elysium Kits are sold separately.


Weekend Training:

We choose the training dates together


Fri 3:00pm-9:00pm – Bondassage/Elysium Training
Sat/Sun 10:00am-5:00pm – Bondassage/Elysium Training
@  Private Studio – Toronto West

$4400 CAD + $300/$400 USD Branding Fee

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