“I am still savouring, with some astonishment, a warm heart and perked nerve endings, the couples session we shared with you. So delicious and joyful! One thing: at the very end of the session, I felt a wave of cracked-openness, a good feeling that also left me open to experiencing some mourning of old sorrows.  


You noticed right away and were really there for me. You spoke in a very clear way to my partner that I needed him to be there for me Right Then, and he responded immediately. Your two presences right then made me feel very lovingly accompanied and cared for. This was a beautiful initiation, a rewriting of an old story that no longer serves, and an enticing new beginning.” 

—  Simone

Open to seekers of enlightenment and self-empowering transformation. Seekers known as human beings of planet earth. Welcome and be Celebrated!


Resonating the adventurous philosophy: mindfully aware and always within the boundaries of your safety, consent and comfort levels with respect, honour and trust with self first and then with others.


Private and group workshops are available with different adventurous topics, including areas of relationships, self-mastery, communication skills, Love Languages, erotic play style, connection, sensuality, sexuality, psychology and psychological dynamics, and energy awareness.


Bondassage® combines the intimacy and deep sensuality of sensual massage with an adventurous edge, incorporating submission, light bondage, sensory deprivation, deep surrender and introducing mild to wild sensation play.


It’s an unapologetic, sensual indulgence appropriate for those that are curious, tantalized and aroused by the opportunity for uninhibited sensory abandon.


Personal and group training programs of healing, personal growth and self-mastery.

Empowering women, men and couples to authentically live, love, laugh and get the vibrant healthy intimacy they desire. Creating a safe and nurturing environment to connect to with confidence, presence and passion, for individuals and partners. All done through playful transfromational learning dynamics and practical guidelines for success.